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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas & Dying camera's.

Ok, I officially suck.       ( not that you perverts)

Going to the Christmas Market in Brussels and forgetting to charge your camera is like
scraping your nerves together to go bungee-jumping only to hear your friends say afterwards they forgot to tape the goddaaamn thing on video.   Ooh ok, I'm slightly exaggerating here but still.

I managed to squeeze 2 photo's out of  my camera, with its last dying breath. 

  View from car place SABLON

My little American monkey and my Alsatian honey, enjoying the Alsatian minute with an Alsatian delicatesse.
Gewurtzstraminer ( YES! Managed to write that down without googling) , a sweet wine from the Alsace in France, and something that I thought was originally German. Sauerkraut, you know? ....But the Alsatian version is better since it's completely SOAKED in wine. Christmas market without alcohol is obviously a no-go!