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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coffee and Curiosa

Vintage baking set
€ 15.95
This will probably be my last post before I go on my well-earned holiday to Fuertaventura  
everytime I say Fuertaventura I have to do it slowly and very pronounced as if I'm tasting the cocktails already hah!

,so I decided to leave you guys with a glimpse of Coffee and Curiosa.

The name alone caught my attention  -I admit, I am a coffee addict, and proud- and I wasn't dissapointed!

Coffee and Curiosa is actually a coffee-house slash little shop, not so far from Gent (in Zaffelare) but with a really cool concept. From time to time they organise workshops cake/cupcake/ pie -making, but apart from that they sell really cute vintage aprons, bags, baking sets online! For example they sell the retro collection by Caroline's Kitchen!
Cream and Coral polka dot apron
€ 29.00

 Now I must say, I'm not much of a cook but with these items I would    definitely lock myself up in the kitchen.
 Yes men, you may insert "go make me a sandwich" joke here. See if
 I care!

 But seriously! These are way too cute!

 You can also buy any ingredient imaginable for your baking in their shop.
 Sprinkles, icing sets, you name it!

  Go have a look and let me know what you think!

Wilton Tool Icing Set
€ 69,95

Coffee and Curiosa
Zaffelare-Dorp 41

9080 Zaffelare
Bag, Parisian Toile
€ 20

Pearlescent Turquoise Sprinkles
€ 2.95

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


spotted on the world wide web.

Yoga Bag with mat, £35
Where: Poppy Valentine

'60-'70's faux alligator leather Stephanie, € 29.05
Where: Attic Empire
Sinamoy Bow & Ribbon, £30
Where: ASOS
Tic Tac Earrings, € 25
Where :  De Invasie

  MSGM (From women's collection 2010)
Where: MSGM
Lanvin Leather-strapped  pumps, € 780
Where: Net-à-Porter

Umbrella Skirt by Cecilia Felli
Where: Ecouterre

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ullie's Chocolate Chipmunk Cupcake Factory

Ullie's Chocolate Chipmunk Cupcake Factory.

Try saying that a few times without stuttering. Im-possible.
What the hell is UCCCF  - yes, I'm lazy and I'll be using this abbreviation even if it sounds less delicious-
Some creepy German factory that captures chipmunks to process them in exquisite looking cupcakes with chocolate coating? Ofcourse not. (This was absolutely NOT one of my first educated guesses.)

Ullie is actually Ulrike
(shit, that really does sound German!). Why would you care about Ulrike you ask?

Because she is the brain behind this amazing jewellery, yes yes. She's been into fantasy, anime, comics for quite a long time and has studied among others at St-Lucas in Brussels.  She told me she liked cookies. I could totally relate to that!

So if you connect the dots you'll understand where her inspiration came from to create these cuties.

From the moment I saw the collection I thought to myself ;
"I'm hungry."
 Take a look at the pictures and you'll see right away what I mean.


Cutest hairclip!
Want to see more? Click here to go the her facebook-page.
Become a fan, and if you see anything you like PM her or leave a wall-post and she'll get right back at ya.

Until the next post!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stress? Karma?

I'm glad -don't take that to literally- to inform you that karma has come to bite me in the ass.

After my last post about lucky "I only have one exam"-me, I myself had a little taste of defeat.
I became a bit ill and had to take vitamin pills.

Yes mother, you were right, that pale zombielook s not my distinctive mark, it is just me being unhealthy, happy now?

How very embarrassing.
But no worries, I ate tons of fruit and fresh vegetables, so now I feel better.
But it made me wonder, lack of vitamins is probably something students all over the world are suffering from.
What else are they suffering from?

Stress ofcourse!
Perhaps a very much neglected problem in the Dark Ages, however today considered as one of most significant causes off, well, everything.  Diseases, burn-outs, death, suicides. You name it.

Wauw, I feel like fairy strewing joy-dust over you all now.

Here are some useful tips to lead a stressless life
Me, screaming the German DREEEI.
  • When you're having a conversation with someone who's annoying you or tries to convince you doing something you don't want to do, take that pair of yellow fluorescent earplugs and put them in.
  • Count to 10 in German, screaming.
    (this video is a mere guideline,you can pronounce it anyway you want, but don't forget to scream )
  • Inhale deeply; count to five; exhale; re-light joint; repeat
  • If you feel the urge of bumping your head up against the wall; don't hold yourself back. You might get unconscious! That's a good thing!
  • Watch Lord of the Rings and be glad you're not a hobbit. Things could be worse in life.
  • Try to make bedsheets out of underwear. This shall make you laugh.
  • Have your shoulder muscles surgically removed. (Very efficient, but rather painful and costly)

That's what crosses my mind right about now.
If any of you has other suggestions, I'll be very glad to take note of them!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Will be receiving hate mail after this.

"Touch my cheese and I'll KILL you!"
Aaah. June. That means exams, right?

And exams?

That means grumpy faces, crowded libraries,coffee, sweatpants and pizza. And energy drinks. LOADS of energy drinks (doesn't matter if you had your four cups of coffee, you still need the freakin' Redbull).

At least that's what I recall from when I still had several exams. Yes, that's right. I only have one this trimester. But don't get mad or frustrated, I know what you're all going through. I'll be silently suffering with you all.
No I'm lying.

Time for a blog post, I figured, since I have nothing better to do.

Yesterday I went to the Medieval Market in Etterbeek.
I've been living in these quarters for like ages and have never even been to this annual event.
Time to rectify and mingle with my dressed up fellow people !

I can be quite terse:

This was actually pretty cool.
1) It wasn't that big.
2)There were unhappy looking ponies with fat kids on their backs.
3) As well as drunk merchants who made the most delicious caipirinhias.
4) With loads of alcohol in it.
5) Which resulted in me being quite drunk during the tour around the (thank god) small market.
6) Making me realise that grown up people dressed in medieval clothes are hilarious.


Children's toys!

Somewhat weird for Medieval Market, but I didn't complain.