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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hans & Gretel

I just stumbled upon this old, let's say ANCIENT, animated video with silhouettes 
made by Lotte Reiniger.

It's about 10 minutes long and slightly differs from the original version by the brothers Grimm...

Let me tell you why ; this animated little video was made in 1955, 
not so long after WWII and on top of that the producers were Germans (that explains a lot aye)
The original plot of burning that nasty witch-woman in an oven wasn't probably very ...err... smart, 
so they slightly altered it into a more "acceptable" children's story.
Instead of turning into a fiery pile of  flesh and bones,
she just - and I quote - broke into tiny pieces after Gretel breaks her magic stick....

  Eat this you filthy 21st century special effects!

Christmas & Dying camera's.

Ok, I officially suck.       ( not that you perverts)

Going to the Christmas Market in Brussels and forgetting to charge your camera is like
scraping your nerves together to go bungee-jumping only to hear your friends say afterwards they forgot to tape the goddaaamn thing on video.   Ooh ok, I'm slightly exaggerating here but still.

I managed to squeeze 2 photo's out of  my camera, with its last dying breath. 

  View from car place SABLON

My little American monkey and my Alsatian honey, enjoying the Alsatian minute with an Alsatian delicatesse.
Gewurtzstraminer ( YES! Managed to write that down without googling) , a sweet wine from the Alsace in France, and something that I thought was originally German. Sauerkraut, you know? ....But the Alsatian version is better since it's completely SOAKED in wine. Christmas market without alcohol is obviously a no-go!

Monday, December 6, 2010

We never said we were going to make things right


Heartbeat:Zero just has its new album out, We Never Said We Were Going To Make Things Right, and although my opinion is far from being objective I must say I fucking LOVE it. Compared to their original sound, the new album is harder, better, faster, stronger.
Amazing drums, raw guitar and an awesome bass by Geoffrey Craggs who recently joined the band make this album a must-download!

Step one:  Listen to the album for FREE with lyrics here
Step two : After listening you won't be able to stop yourself from becoming
a FAN on facebook

Friday, December 3, 2010

A little color

Woops. Almost forgot to mention ; 
M.A.D just decorated the new winter shop display for Street Teaser!
I'm sure it'll brighten up your day just by passing by, since it's pretty COLORFUL.

Check out their website, it's pretty neat!


 Rue du Page/ Pagestraat 24

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

American Beauty

Everyone would love to be a tiny fly one day so they could sneak a peek into the houses of people they know or maybe even strangers. American Beauty tells us the story about an ordinary American family, which turns out to be well...not so ordinary. Kevin Spacey is Lester Burnham, a 42 year old tragic piece of man who's married with Carolyn ( Annette Bening) a control-freak who thinks her husband is a first class loser.
Now I wouldn't want to be their daughter but Jane Burnham (Thora Birch) isn't that lucky, she completes this little family...a seemingly perfect family in a perfect neighbourhood.

You know it's only a matter of time before one of them will go apeshit.
Trigger : hot blonde sixteen year old girlfriend of Jane, Angela (Mena Suvari),  in a cheerleader uniform. 
Dear daddy Lester becomes infatuated by his daughters girlfriend and what comes next is a whole series of events that will make your toes curl in some kind of weird pleasant way.

A pronounced homophobic mariner,  Lawrence Welk diner music, rose petals, hasj and not to mention boobs crossing the screen from now to then are only some of the treats you're in for when you start watching this movie. And where as the dialogues in American Beauty are humorously dark, the monologues will keep you silenced, if only for a minute because oh yes, there is a moral in this story

"...but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst...and then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain."     (American Beauty)

Add an amazing soundtrack by Thomas Newman -listen here
as well as some amazing acting by Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening (you gotta love this woman) and Wes Bentley (I can imagine girls having a major crush on this guy) and you have all the ingredients for a not -so - typical- Hollywood movie...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I've been quite a good girl this year.
Bring me these LANVIN Puzzle Wedge Pumps and I won't require any more gifts for the next 20 years.
Thank you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back with a vengeance

Winter's back with a vengeance in Brussels,
after that long hot and -may I add- amazing summer (which explains my absence a little bit).
Get your gloves, scarfs and bonnets out of the closet and wear your two pairs of socks.
And pour some vitamine C in your throats, believe me you'll need it. *Cough*

Won't say sorry to my so called readers for this absence since no one is reading this blog anyway.
This blog is just a way for me to talk to myself about my own life without the chance of being called crazy, haha.
Who knows, when I'm 70 and my pension is big enough to afford a laptop, I might re-read all these articles and wistfully snicker about these "good old times"...

Or maybe I die at the age of 30 in a plane-crash.
Let's not think of all the possibilities.

I decided to go back to this blog because I feel like a new era started and I still discover great things every day that I should write down before they become just a vague memory...
Frankly, I don't care about what people say about blogs & their bloggers. Sure there are millions and millions of blogs in this digital world and only few are really worth following or reading but if it makes people happy to write their lives down on a crappy blog, so be it.

I mean, ...this is a crappy blog ^^

Who cares?

To be continued,
meanwhile I'll leave you (and my 70-year old me) with my good ol' friends ACDC 'Back in Business Again' from the album
Fly on the Wall.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Statues in bars

We all know them ; 
people who go to the same bar, every single night.
They sit on their bar stools, looking either utterly bored or drunk and not even slightly amused by
the dragging conversation they've been having for the past hours.

What's driving them there? Is it so exciting to see the same people over and over again in the same place?
What happened to the whole "meeting new people"-concept?  Is it such a big risk to take the plunge to go to a place where you've never ever been before? No wonder people have become so dull, they hold on to routines as if they were social zombies. You can recognize them you know, the social zombies ; they have this blank expression while sipping their usual drinks, they practically don't move from where they sit expect for mother nature's call and they desperately try to get the bartender's attention when glasses are empty like their heads. Motionless figures as it were.  So if you go into a bar, and you spot them try to act naturally and avoid any eye-contact.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On top of my to-do list.

                                   I would do all four of them. Hotness ².

And after that, 
I seriously consider contacting these guys for a hot, sweaty get-together.
If you should be in one of these pictures :

. note : “Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment” (E.Whipple)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zombie Land goes Pin Up

Ok, call me sick, call me mentally ill, call me whatever you want , I couldn't care less because  I actually kinda like this...
Pin Up girls always manage to make my imagination do overtime but
these zombie chicks are just too cool to function.
Oh, wait. They don't , they're dead. Right.
Anyway, go to the website if you want to order your own zombie pin up calendar 
(and make sure you hang it in the kitchen, bedrooms are a no go). 

Facebook kills your braincells.


the used-to-be new hype/buzz/crap/shit/whatever.
Ok, I'm on it, who isn't ?
I have an account for like 5 years already  (it wasn't that popular back then) and there's only one thing that really, really gets on my nerves :

I absolutely fucking HATE all those ridiculous fan pages & groups
(examples : "I love it when you smile", "I hate it when it rains", "I can't stop crying because never text me back",  " You hurt me, so why would I still like you" or possibly my favourite "Because of Edward Cullen, human boys have lost their charm".
Sigh. At first it was funny, relevant maybe even. No, it probably was just "new" and exciting.
But then it all just went down the drain... Pages popped up like mushrooms on a rotten tree, like couples having sex in the room next to you or like insects on a hot summer day, you really want to ignore them but you just simply can't (cry, cry, boohoo).
Oh and I almost forgot to mention one :
"Because of all the groups and pages, I don't feel special or unique any more.". Please, you have got to be kidding me, right?
Well stop joining them would be my direct humble advice. Bet Dr. Phil & Oprah would say the same.
So to all the people who make pages like that; please stop. You're slowly and painfully killing me and other people who just don't dare to admit they're annoyed as well. Stop expressing every single boring fact of your life through fan pages or groups. Or I will come in the middle of the night and pop both of your eyeballs out with a fork.

Roadhouse Blues

I took this picture on my way to London whilst listening to The Doors a few months ago.
Almost got killed by a tour bus, almost caught pneumonia because of the non stop "I-don't-want-to-encourage- tourists-to- go-out-and have-a-good-time- rain" and actually lost my favourite t-shirt but still : I will go back soon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stateless - Down Here

This gives me chills whenever I hear it... It's so beautiful!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Le Balmoral (sixties restaurant in Brussels)

This awesome restaurant is situated in Brussels
(Place G. Brugmann, nr.21) and it's famous for its
interior which is based on 
the golden sixties. 

The moment you walk in you feel like you're in some kind of Grease movie.
All possible shades of pink and blue, Marilyn Monroe & Betty Boop  give you a true Hollywood out-of-body-experience. The menu consists of all the typical U.S.A. meals such as hamburgers, tex-mex dishes, but also sandwiches, pasta, salads & toasts. On top of that they offer a wide range of desserts which you wouldn't be able to ignore or deny even if you wanted. I'm talking about cheesecakes, muffins, pancakes, chocolate mousse, brownies and much much more.
Go ahead, you're in for a delicious treat!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hot air balloon

I love the pastel colours in this picture, reminds me of some kind of fairy tale...
Could me be a frame of the opposite of a Tim Burton movie I think...

photo by Didit Zulu

An icon : Lillian Bassman

Fashion has always been captured by photographers since the era of couture,
yet few are remembered as to be truly remarkable.

I think Lillian Bassman (born 1917) was one of the most talented fashion-photographers in her time. In the late '40s she worked for Junior Bazaar and a few years later at Harper's Bazaar (one of the most well-known fashion magazines).

What I love most about her pictures is the contrast between light and darker shades... It makes her photos kinda gloomy and mysterious.
You want to know what the story behind the picture actually is.
Her camera angles were unique and she developed her
own style which can never be surpassed. There's this certain strength that goes out from these women in the pictures.
They all seem to be strong and independent women, not to be messed with. Looking at them is simply mesmerizing...

Monday, March 22, 2010


Marriage is a clean business.

"I cannot marry you if you have dirty fingernails."
                       -Quote taken from Virgin Territory-

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Compulsion that requires periodic or continuous administration of a drug to produce pleasure or avoid discomfort.

Lately I've been thinking about so-called addictions.
You know, like, when are you an actual addict ? Is it like an epiphany you suddenly get one day thinking
"Fuck, I'm a total addict" ? Or is it more like a graduate feeling that slowly creeps into your head (which basically means you end up thinking the same "Fuck , I'm a total addict"...

I decided to ask a friend of mine his thoughts on the subject,  since he's addicted to more types of drugs than Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss and Robert Downey Jr. altogether. He came up with this brilliant answer which I will cherish forever and tell to my children and grandchildren. Maybe. I don't like kids, probably will never have 'em. And if I have 'em it'll probably be wise not to mention drug quotes.
Anyway, irrelevant.

In short, he said the following :
" Addictions huh, well, I once ran naked out of my house because I thought there was a giant bear in my bedroom. It turned out to be a rocking chair with a bedspread over it. I should quit doing LSD, but you'll never get much more of a 3D experience than from LSD. Fuck."

Thus an addict.
Never asked why he was naked at the time he ran out of the house though, you should always respect a man's privacy.

Psychadelic Whiteboard


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fairytale in real life

I slightly altered this amazing photo from Cyril Helnwein : Alice in the rabbit hole.

   Using paint shop pro X2  I brightened up the colours

(which were surprisingly mat and faint/vague  in   the  original picture) , 

Added a a more glamorous effect to it.
I simply love this picture, 
everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland so when someone would show it to you, 
you'd immediately know what it means.
If you look a little bit closer you can see a small figure on the right (which I have absolutely NO clue what it's doing there or what it's suppose to be... let me know if you do).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Worst Jobs

Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”     -Drew Carey-

Jobs not to do when you're perfectly capable of doing something else :
  • Eunuch / monks / nuns ( no more words needed in these particular cases)
  • Circus freaks  ( although hesitating to list this, because you get paid for being, you know, a freak)
  • Gravediggers & mortician  (unless you're into necrophilia, in case you are : close this page please)
  • Bikini waxers (unless... no, no unless, this is just plain sad)
  • Playboy mansion inhabitants ( Hugh, you're too old, give up)
  • Phone sex line worker ( saw a documentary once in which was said lot's of old women are behind the sexy Kelly's, Lindsay's and Laura's these days... so don't know whether to pity those who call those lines or those who are behind them)

The Midnight Beast

I came across The Midnight Beast about a year ago,
from the minute I saw their first video - a parody on Kesha's music video "Tik Tok" - I was completely sold.
Band members Dru, Ash & Stefan live in London and seem to be guys you would want to go out and get totally wasted with. Their version of the song is much, MUCH better than the original one I'd say, sorry Kesha.

Then they came up with a kick ass version of "All I want for Christmas is you" on Youtube, which made me think about my own Christmas wishes 
( although I didn't really need anybody to "pull my Christmas cracker"
or a milf at that time thank you very much).
Anyway, Youtube threads were flooded with girls who were dying to be one of the guy's 
Christmas fuck buddies... good job!

Imagine the joy I felt when they put up a parody of a song called " Down " (originally performed by Jay Sean), which was absolutely fucking brilliant. It got stuck in my head for weeks -_-   :
nice in the beginning but really annoying when people start punching you in the face yelling shut the fuck up!
  So what if I like to sing "There's no need to mention your trousers just fell down" ? Huh!?! Don't judge me!

Last song they've recently put up is called "Ninja" and is possibly my favourite because it's completely produced by them.
Lyrics are witty and ludicrous, the video is entertaining and a little unorthodox but that's what we like.
Well, at least I do.
So I'd say take a look at their Youtube channel, I promise they'll ravish you!

p.s. Make also sure you check their "Fashion Innit" & "Walk with us Skit",
there's no stopping The Midnight Beast

Monday, March 15, 2010

Old people.

I never really had the urge to kill people, but today I had to restrain myself.
What's wrong with being genuinely nice?
What happened :

an old lady passed by on the streets and dropped her old-lady-bag (you know, some Louis Vuitton patterned hairy bag) and I, being my polite self, reached for it to give it back.
Because that's what nice people do, right.

Not according to that lady, oh no, she was furious (she actually scared me which is pretty awkward since she was like 70 years old or something). 
"Don't touch my bag , I'm perfectly able to pick it up myself!
I just replied I had always learned to help older people, and was about to start a monologue of excuses although I had done nothing to piss her off  when she hit (!) me, picked up her bag , and waggled on to wherever she was going ( maybe a bingo event who knows).


Do I look like a criminal? Did she think I was gonna steal her bag or something?
Or was she just a cranky old woman.
Anyway, there will be no chance I'll be picking up older people's bags any more.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The devil must wear Prada.

Like a wolf among the sheep,
the devil surely wears Prada.
Let's not be fooled by fancy facades,look through those disguises.
Think about what's really important in life.
Some people forget beauty lies in simpleness, sincereness...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fear is relative.


Heartbeat:Zero is officially back in business.
Their debut album Not My Fault was succesfully released last saturday and it's an understatement to say they kicked our asses but hey, they did so we might as well come clean right.
If you visit them at http://www.myspace.com/heartbeatzero  you'll be able to download the full album for free, ain't they generous!

 Bandmemebers : Tiny Tim (vocals, screams, guitar) & Willy Wonka (Accoustic Drum)

" Broken wood, bleeding limbs, blisters on every finger, gallons of sweat and a room filled with people who are trying to comprehend what just happened during the past 45 minutes.
This ain't no show. This ain't no scene. This is Retribution.

Heartbeat:Zero is a two piece formed in Brussels which could be considered as the response to the image pop culture is trying to promote. Sure, love is a beautiful thing, people shouldn't buy guns and 99% of all violence is unnecessary. But this is real life. These are mean streets and about 80% of your life you won't be living the hippie dream of "peace and love" and people shitting flowers all over the place. We don't promote anger or violence, but are desperately in need of a way out of this series of disappointments everyone just seems to accept with a smile just because Bono says everything's going to be fine. Every day new bands tend to start a "career", a 5 minute farce based on popularity obtained by sluts writing their bandname on their tits. This ain't us. We have no genre, don't belong to any scene, don't wear matching clothes and don't have fancy haircuts. We just want to play live and show people how heavy a two piece can get.
You either love it or hate it, but we live it

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Childhood memories

Het bewijs wanneer je je verveelt ;
als je opnieuw nadenkt over al de rages die je slaafs gevolgd hebt toen je jong was.

Waar is de tijd van flippo's bijvoorbeeld?
Almachtige wikipedia beschrijft een flippo als "een schijfje dat gratis bij de chips van Smiths zat".
Hell no, that's the understatement of the century!
Flippo's hebben was playgroundpower I tell you!
Moest Marx nog geleefd hebben had hij deze zogenaamde schijfjes hoogstwaarschijnlijk naar de verdoemenis gewenst.
Iedereen herinnert zich toch nog de tijd dat flippo's over de speelplaats heersten ,
wie er geen had zat samen met ander kneusjes in een hoekje van de speelplaats zielig te wezen.
Wie er wel had kon zich om de twee uur verkneukelen over een nieuw spelletje.

Het geluid van het stapeltje plastieken goud dat omviel klonk als muziek in onze oren, en menigmaal werd er gegrijnsd als iemand een hele stapel flippo's won.
Wee diegene die geen skills had en steeds verloor...
Deze makkelijke slachtoffers werden het pispaaltje van de klas, en ook steeds het eerste uitgedaagd ( met de gedachte in het achterhoofd dat het oneervol was een partijtje flippo-en te weigeren).

Ik stel mij hierbij de vraag ; waarom zaten deze schijfjes bij Smiths, en niet bij granny appels of iets dergelijks?
Zien we hier een (in)directe link naar obesitas?
Moeten we ons hier een beeld vormen van moddervette kinderen die chips kochten omwille van flippo's? Het is niet dat je enorme inspanningen moest leveren om met flippo's te spelen... het enige lichaamsdeel dat oefening kreeg waren je polsen, let's be honest.
Het is nu al obesitas dit, obesitas dat wat de klok slaat ; valt het begin van het obesitas-tijdperk te situeren ten tijde van de flippo-rage?

Aldus, Lays (want zo heten ze sinds enkele jaren), misschien volgend jaar een paar loopschoenen aanbieden bij jullie zakjes?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

3:10 to Yuma

Westerns are back!

3:10 to Yuma speelt zich af in het bloedhete Far West , inclusief strobalen en stof, heel veel stof.

Aan de rand van een klein stadje, Brisbee, woont de rancher Dan Evans ( vertolkt door Christian Bale, man do we love him or what) samen met zijn twee zonen en vrouw.
Het stuk grond dat hij bezit ligt echter vast onder een grote schuldenberg die hij snel moet afbetalen. Problemen komen nooit alleen voorspelt de Wet van Murphy op cynische wijze, en wanneer Dan naar Brisbee trekt om uitstel te vragen voor betaling is hij getuige van een brute overval op een geldtransport door Ben Wade (de ruige Russel Crowe) en zijn outlaws.
Wade wordt echter niet lang daarna gevangen genomen en voor Dan het beseft wordt hij een van Wade's begeleiders die hem naar Contention zullen brengen waardoor hij de som van 200 dollars voor zal ontvangen. Daar wacht de trein om 3:10 , destination prison Yuma.

In deze film bestaat er nog de rauwe westen outlaw -eer, wat de mannen van Ben Wade doet beslissen om hun baas uit de klauwen van het gerecht te redden.
Een wilde achtervolging , besprenkeld met veel bloed en kogels, apaches en ander gespuis, brengt heel de bende uiteindelijk naar Contention.
En what happens in Contention, stays in Contention.

We zijn van Christian Bale al heel wat actie gewoon. Niet enkel sinds hij de rol van Batman overnam in Batman, the Beginning staat hij garant voor ijzersterk acteerwerk, ook in andere films zoals Reign of Fire, Empire of the Sun en American Psycho deed hij het telkens weer!
Bovendien vormt hij met Russell Crowe (Gladiator, The Insider, A Beautiful Mind) de perfecte combinatie voor een psychologisch kat en muis spel.

Bliksemsnelle achtervolgingen , alombekende revolver-gevechten en bad-ass cowboys (met name Charlie Prince - gespeeld door Ben Foster- zou je niet graag tegen komen in een duister steegje/saloon) , this movie has it all!

"They're gonna hang me in
the morning....i'll never see the sun"

3:10 to Yuma
regisseur: James Mangold

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2012 (Movie Review)

Een zogenaamd veelbelovende film die een wervelstorm van reacties uitlokte "omdat het wel eens waar kon zijn".

Wel ik zeg julle één ding ; MOEST het ooit zover komen, laat dan alle overheden ter wereld naar deze film kijken om een voorbeeld te stellen hoe het NIET moet.

Het is een film waarvan we al eerdere visuele indrukken gezien hebben, kijk maar naar The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, .... Met zijn beduidend hogere budget had deze film het summum moeten worden. Wel ja, toegegeven, de special effects mogen er zijn en de acteerprestaties zijn wel top (pluim voor John Cusack en Chiwetel Eijofor) maar het verhaal zelf had best beter gekund. Bovendien heb je als kijker echt wel (iets te veel) momenten waarop je op het puntje van je stoel naar de personages zit te schreeuwen dat het achterlijke debielen zijn.
Laten we het even vanuit een humaan en logisch perspectief bekijken : stel, je zit in een auto en ziet de grond openscheuren voor je voeten. Er staat een vliegtuig klaar dat je in veiligheid kan brengen. Een normaal, rationeel denkende mens zou de auto uit rennen naar het vliegtuig toe.

Goed, het Hollywood gezegde luidt natuurlijk wel dat al de hoofdkarakters heroïsch zijn en altijd net op het nippertje aan het gevaar ontsnappen maar er zijn grenzen , seriously!
Het is op die momenten dat je spontaan een van je haren voelt vergrijzen, niet van de schrik oh nee, maar wel van de irritatie en de gedachte dat steeds weer in je hoofd sluipt (ik kan dat sowieso beter!) .

Er waren wel enkele pluspunten aan deze film ;

- er sterven veel mensen (wat logisch is in een rampenfilm, maar niet elke regisseur handhaaft het principe)
- de soundtrack is top
- special effects mogen er zeker zijn

Al bij al, als je deze film wil zien : doe het op groot scherm, op klein scherm zal het tegenvallen.
Oh, en wapen je met een goeie portie "het kan me niet schelen wat de personages doen, het is maar een film".

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vampire in Vegas (Movie Review)

Het verhaal gaat als volgt ;
de vampier Sylvian (Tony Todd) houdt zich schuil in de stad der lusten en zonden : Las Vegas.
Ondanks zijn onsterfelijkheid is arme Sylvian helemaal niet tevreden want hij kan slechts 's nachts op pad. Zijn bloeddorst kent geen grenzen en ook overdag wilt hij Vegas onveilig maken. Het brilliante plan waar hij al zolang aan werkt, zijnde het mogelijk maken om ook in daglicht buiten te komen met behulp van een serum, is in volle testfase onder de leiding van de wulpse laborante dr. Van Helm (ja u hoort het goed)...

Regisseur : Jim Wynorski
Screenplay : Nicholas Davidoff
Rollen o.a. : Tony Todd, Delia Sheppard, Edward Spivak & Ted Monte


where to begin with this...
Vampire in Las Vegas wordt officieel gecategoriseerd onder B-films, maar ik zou hem nog niet eens een D-film noemen moest dit bestaan.

Reeds van in het begin van de film, toen de sensueel bedoelde basstem van hoofdacteur Tony Todd over het scherm en jammer genoeg in mijn oren vloeide, moest ik mijn hand mentaal tegenhouden om niet op de stop-knop te duwen.
Echt waar, deze 80 minuten (!) durende film was een ware marteling voor mijn mentale welgesteldheid.
De acteerprestaties waren ver-schrik-ke-lijk, ze hadden voor mijn part evengoed enkele schaarsgeklede derderangs pornoactrices over het scherm laten dartelen. Als die borsten nog meer opgepomt waren geweest hadden ze letterlijk van mijn scherm gespat. (note to self : alle actrices droegen ofwel push up bh's ofwel moet ik mijn ogen laten nakijken) .
De muziek op de achtergrond had er in ieder geval ook voor louche zaken kunnen dienen die je normaal enkel in Russische bordelen terugvindt , ook al maak je een B-film, please make sure the music suits the scenes, please!

Ook de mannelijke acteurs schoten pijnlijk te kort, detective Stanton leek wel weggelopen te zijn uit een haargelcommercial terwijl Tony Todd trachtte een vampier neer te zetten die leek op een kruising tussen Blade en Dr. Evil uit Austin Powers !

en detective Gigi O'Hara, wel.... de naam zegt genoeg.

De special effects , met de gedachte van *b-film, b-film, b-film* in het achterhoofd, waren uiteraard ongeloofwaardig en er grandioos over. Maar goed, met beperkte financiële middelen, tot daar toe.

Waar ik echter absoluut GEEN begrip voor kan opbrengen is het stereotiepe beeld van de vampier die men in deze nerve-wracking film neerpoot.
De verschillende scenes waarin Tony Todd met zwarte fluwelen cape al flapperend de kamer verlaat of ingaat waren momenten waarin ik spontaan van mijn stoel viel van het lachen, en ook de rode ogen hebben we ook al genoeg gezien.

Anyways, als je je ooit eens dood, maar dan ook steendood verveelt,
dan nog raad ik aan deze film niet te zien maar te gaan zakdoekleggen of wandelen ofzo.