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Monday, March 29, 2010

Le Balmoral (sixties restaurant in Brussels)

This awesome restaurant is situated in Brussels
(Place G. Brugmann, nr.21) and it's famous for its
interior which is based on 
the golden sixties. 

The moment you walk in you feel like you're in some kind of Grease movie.
All possible shades of pink and blue, Marilyn Monroe & Betty Boop  give you a true Hollywood out-of-body-experience. The menu consists of all the typical U.S.A. meals such as hamburgers, tex-mex dishes, but also sandwiches, pasta, salads & toasts. On top of that they offer a wide range of desserts which you wouldn't be able to ignore or deny even if you wanted. I'm talking about cheesecakes, muffins, pancakes, chocolate mousse, brownies and much much more.
Go ahead, you're in for a delicious treat!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hot air balloon

I love the pastel colours in this picture, reminds me of some kind of fairy tale...
Could me be a frame of the opposite of a Tim Burton movie I think...

photo by Didit Zulu

An icon : Lillian Bassman

Fashion has always been captured by photographers since the era of couture,
yet few are remembered as to be truly remarkable.

I think Lillian Bassman (born 1917) was one of the most talented fashion-photographers in her time. In the late '40s she worked for Junior Bazaar and a few years later at Harper's Bazaar (one of the most well-known fashion magazines).

What I love most about her pictures is the contrast between light and darker shades... It makes her photos kinda gloomy and mysterious.
You want to know what the story behind the picture actually is.
Her camera angles were unique and she developed her
own style which can never be surpassed. There's this certain strength that goes out from these women in the pictures.
They all seem to be strong and independent women, not to be messed with. Looking at them is simply mesmerizing...

Monday, March 22, 2010


Marriage is a clean business.

"I cannot marry you if you have dirty fingernails."
                       -Quote taken from Virgin Territory-

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Compulsion that requires periodic or continuous administration of a drug to produce pleasure or avoid discomfort.

Lately I've been thinking about so-called addictions.
You know, like, when are you an actual addict ? Is it like an epiphany you suddenly get one day thinking
"Fuck, I'm a total addict" ? Or is it more like a graduate feeling that slowly creeps into your head (which basically means you end up thinking the same "Fuck , I'm a total addict"...

I decided to ask a friend of mine his thoughts on the subject,  since he's addicted to more types of drugs than Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss and Robert Downey Jr. altogether. He came up with this brilliant answer which I will cherish forever and tell to my children and grandchildren. Maybe. I don't like kids, probably will never have 'em. And if I have 'em it'll probably be wise not to mention drug quotes.
Anyway, irrelevant.

In short, he said the following :
" Addictions huh, well, I once ran naked out of my house because I thought there was a giant bear in my bedroom. It turned out to be a rocking chair with a bedspread over it. I should quit doing LSD, but you'll never get much more of a 3D experience than from LSD. Fuck."

Thus an addict.
Never asked why he was naked at the time he ran out of the house though, you should always respect a man's privacy.

Psychadelic Whiteboard


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fairytale in real life

I slightly altered this amazing photo from Cyril Helnwein : Alice in the rabbit hole.

   Using paint shop pro X2  I brightened up the colours

(which were surprisingly mat and faint/vague  in   the  original picture) , 

Added a a more glamorous effect to it.
I simply love this picture, 
everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland so when someone would show it to you, 
you'd immediately know what it means.
If you look a little bit closer you can see a small figure on the right (which I have absolutely NO clue what it's doing there or what it's suppose to be... let me know if you do).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Worst Jobs

Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”     -Drew Carey-

Jobs not to do when you're perfectly capable of doing something else :
  • Eunuch / monks / nuns ( no more words needed in these particular cases)
  • Circus freaks  ( although hesitating to list this, because you get paid for being, you know, a freak)
  • Gravediggers & mortician  (unless you're into necrophilia, in case you are : close this page please)
  • Bikini waxers (unless... no, no unless, this is just plain sad)
  • Playboy mansion inhabitants ( Hugh, you're too old, give up)
  • Phone sex line worker ( saw a documentary once in which was said lot's of old women are behind the sexy Kelly's, Lindsay's and Laura's these days... so don't know whether to pity those who call those lines or those who are behind them)

The Midnight Beast

I came across The Midnight Beast about a year ago,
from the minute I saw their first video - a parody on Kesha's music video "Tik Tok" - I was completely sold.
Band members Dru, Ash & Stefan live in London and seem to be guys you would want to go out and get totally wasted with. Their version of the song is much, MUCH better than the original one I'd say, sorry Kesha.

Then they came up with a kick ass version of "All I want for Christmas is you" on Youtube, which made me think about my own Christmas wishes 
( although I didn't really need anybody to "pull my Christmas cracker"
or a milf at that time thank you very much).
Anyway, Youtube threads were flooded with girls who were dying to be one of the guy's 
Christmas fuck buddies... good job!

Imagine the joy I felt when they put up a parody of a song called " Down " (originally performed by Jay Sean), which was absolutely fucking brilliant. It got stuck in my head for weeks -_-   :
nice in the beginning but really annoying when people start punching you in the face yelling shut the fuck up!
  So what if I like to sing "There's no need to mention your trousers just fell down" ? Huh!?! Don't judge me!

Last song they've recently put up is called "Ninja" and is possibly my favourite because it's completely produced by them.
Lyrics are witty and ludicrous, the video is entertaining and a little unorthodox but that's what we like.
Well, at least I do.
So I'd say take a look at their Youtube channel, I promise they'll ravish you!

p.s. Make also sure you check their "Fashion Innit" & "Walk with us Skit",
there's no stopping The Midnight Beast

Monday, March 15, 2010

Old people.

I never really had the urge to kill people, but today I had to restrain myself.
What's wrong with being genuinely nice?
What happened :

an old lady passed by on the streets and dropped her old-lady-bag (you know, some Louis Vuitton patterned hairy bag) and I, being my polite self, reached for it to give it back.
Because that's what nice people do, right.

Not according to that lady, oh no, she was furious (she actually scared me which is pretty awkward since she was like 70 years old or something). 
"Don't touch my bag , I'm perfectly able to pick it up myself!
I just replied I had always learned to help older people, and was about to start a monologue of excuses although I had done nothing to piss her off  when she hit (!) me, picked up her bag , and waggled on to wherever she was going ( maybe a bingo event who knows).


Do I look like a criminal? Did she think I was gonna steal her bag or something?
Or was she just a cranky old woman.
Anyway, there will be no chance I'll be picking up older people's bags any more.