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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play It Again Sam Nites (PIAS)

The Van Jets
So, my friend Rose always gets lucky on the internet. And by that I mean  she wins tickets for almost every-freaking-thing. Which is cool because she likes to take me with her. High five!
So last Friday we frolicked happily -and completely knackered as we went out the night before as well- to Tour & Taxis, where a noisy yet welcoming night awaited us.

Great T-shirt Johannes.
We arrived in the middle of The Van Jets , who were playing in front of an -almost empty- hall.
But I'm talking about 7pm here. No one is as mad to start that early -cough- unless you're a die-hard fan.
Well I'm not, but I still think they're pretty good. Oh and leadsinger Johannes jumped right in the audience at the end of their set. Amusing.

Next were The Jim Jones Revue, some English rock/punk/garagerock which sounded pretty damn good. I would describe it as loud, wild and distorted. In a good way that is. 

The Jim Jones Revue

What followed next was a total surprise; Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim took over the stage with this amazing energy that completely submerged the audience. Honestly, those two might be the most energetic people I've ever seen (and I frequently visit my nephew with ADD). Kim was jumping up and down, climbing on her drums as if she were Julius Caesar, and her mission was to come, see and conquer. She's pretty straight as well, saying things like "Come on ladies, we're gonna get so nasty tonight we'll rub our vagina's to the floor." ; a bunch of 16 year old girls were screaming their lungs out whilst hearing this.Slightly disturbing.  Anyway ,Matt was as well matched to her; doing things on his stool you would expect gymnasts to do during the Olympics. Ok I'm exaggerating, but it was impressive. And then they threw balloons  -yaaay balloons- in the audience and asked them to blow 'em up and...oh well you get the picture.
I met them with Rose after the show as well, they're really cool!

pretty innit?

Kim's face's hiding behind cymbals.
Oh yes she jumped in the audience.

Crystal Fighers

Crystal Fighters

 Next were Crystal Fighters, a band that I didn't know quite frankly, SHAME ON ME.
They are so different from anything I've ever seen or heard. It's a mix of...everything. I can't explain. Wow. They kinda looked like a bunch of hippies, but accompanied by some divine music-making. And a hot guitarist. Sorry, had to mention that.

Buraka Som Sistema
Buraka Som Sistema came next when we were all warmed up and they nearly KILLED us. Seriously. My legs still hurt. They started a little bit mellow and I was about to go and sit down till SHE came on stage; mraaw in a leopard print-cat suit. Man, that woman can shake her booty so that even Beyoncé would get an inferiority complex.

Cassius, Aeroplane and Mustang had the responsibility to keep us dancing till the curtains dropped. And they did. End of story. Thank you Pias Nites. It was great.



Rose & Me, I think I'm gonna grow an afro.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keira Knightley for Coco Chanel (Full Video)

The full version of Coco Chanel's campagne movie for their best selling perfume 'Mademoiselle' was put online only yesterday, but is already going viral! Keira Knightley  -who you surely know from Pirates of The Carribean and Pride and Prejudice-
reprises her role as a mysterious and rebellious woman...

She puts on her motorcycle jumpsuit  -designed by Karl Lagerfeld- and drives around in the glorious streets of Paris from Place Vendome to Place de la Concorde, looking ridiculously beautiful.
WITH a new haircut.

Director is Joe Wright; Pride and Prejudice was his directorial debut and he continued making Oscar-worthy movies with Keira Knightley such as Atonement.

You'll recognise "It's a man's world" by James Brown as the soundtrack, covered by the lovely
Grammy- award winner Joss Stone.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Faux Vintage Celebrities

Ever wondered how Penelope Cruz would look like on billboards in the 50s as
a vintage pin-up?
Or if Nathalie Portman would look just as good on those 60s postcard impressions
as on the covers of glossy magazines?

These pictures of vintage faux celebrities from this day and age are a fascinating
juxtaposition of  portrayals of beauty in the past and now.

Penelope Cruz

Adam Sandler


Charlize Theron

Katie Holmes

Kylie Minogue

Nathalie Portman

Scarlett Johansson

Susan Sarandon

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FP Summer Castaway Collection

Light the bonfire!
I just found out Free People is shipping to Belgium as well from now on,yay!
Free People is an e-shop specialised in the bohemian chic look we all adore
-or at least I do-

Here are some pictures of the marvellous CASTAWAY summer collection.
Bear with me because it won't be long till we can dress up
in lace cropped kaftans as well, wear bikini's,decorate our faces with sunglasses
and  above all : relax in the sun!
Yes ma'am!

Oh and make sure you check out the vintage collections on their website,
especially the ones called "sweet pea" and "victorian sheer" !

Rock Race @ Rits Café (winners announced!)

Here are some pictures of the Rock Race @ the Rits Café on the 8th of march ^^

Glad to inform you that the finalists of the rock race are The Well-bred Hippoes, The Herfsts, Tannhouser, Morphophones and Let Lewis Live ; they will be playing in the AB on May 4th!  If I would have to choose I'd go for the Morphophones. They played an amazing set last Tuesday!

The results for the DJ contest were announced as well; Midnight Noodles, The Principles, Gadeyne, Bunkerfunk and Hoax & Lechah. They'll turn the tables on the 4th of May as well, but in the FUSE.
I wish them all good luck!

First band, even forgot their name. Was pretty lame.

Bamboo Avenue, maybe next year at Couleur Café!
They're really good!

Tannhouser (winner of this round)

Fanclub Fé (singer Tannhouser) ^^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie


I am in LOVE with this London-based lingerie brand, really!

They're one of the few vintage lingerie brands that I know off to offer retro lingerie with original suspender belts and stockings for example.
You know,  like those super sexy six strap suspender belts from the 40s-50s!

And not only that , you can find girders -love 'em-, corselettes, seamed stockings and so much more on their webshop! I must warn you though, it's not cheap so start saving!

Here are some of my favourites
What do you think?

Black Vargass Dress
Red Jolie Corset
Blue Alouette Plunge Bra
Candy Bow Longline Girdle
Red Longline Vargas Girdle

Monday, March 7, 2011

Harvey Quinnt Gig

I'm a little behind on my posting since everything is happening at the same time BUT here are the pictures of Harvey Quinnt's gig at Kultuur Kaffee in Brussels last Thursday!

Harvey Quinnt ,aka former frontman of Savana Station Phillippe Fierens, is an alternative Belgian band that already rocked stages at the Ancienne Belgique (they kicked off for Hurts) and Pukkelpop.
So not going to this free (!) gig at Kultuur Kaffee would've been unforgivable. (yes I'm talking to you, lame people)

I told Philippe ( a genuine nice guy by the way)  after the concert that it was so much fun watching the guys on stage! You know those bands who stand kinda motionless on stage as if they were doing assembly line work or something... It was nothing like that! They have this positive energy going on which makes it so enjoyable to watch! You might know the other bandmembers as well ; Wim Janssen on guitar and keyboards (Ellroy) , Amel Serra on percussions (Zita Swoon), Tomas De Smet on the bass (Think of One, ex Zita Swoon) &  Roel Poriau on the drums (Think of One).

All in all a great collaboration!

-Twitter & Facebook- watch Infinite Street by Harvey Quinnt

deer in the headlight