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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pin Up Calender by Gil Elvgren

Ok so it's raining cats and dogs here in Brussels at the moment so I really really need
to write something that will cheer me up!!

Let me share this with you ; I received the best present someone could ever get me!
My American Monkey gave me a Pin Up Calender with illustrations of Gil Elvgren
She found it in a cute little shop in New York. -whooptiedoo!-

Gil Elvgren was a painter of pin up girls in the twentieth century,
one of the more important pin up artists from that time ^^
His original works are worth thousands of dollars but I'll be quite happy staring
at my replicas from time to time when I'm feeling a bit depressed, there's one for every day!

Like now for example haha!
Thank you monkey!

Click on picture to enlarge



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad

A few days ago Lauren Conrad ( from The Hills, you know, that reality show on MTV -ugh-)
presented her new clothing line PAPER CROWN.

It features some great basics like pastel coloured silk blouses and cute cocktail dresses.

I would totally wear it, that's for sure.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Hats : Flapper Style

After finding a few vintage hats
(I mentioned flapper because these were originally from the late 20's, fresh from my grandma's closet !)
I decided to oblige my American Monkey to wear one of them and thus help me with this thread.
As you all know I'm really into vintage stuff and I think these hats are effing amazing!
The fact that my grandma wore these hats at posh bourgeoisie happenings makes it even more special.

Enjoy :)

Miki's Secret Vintage Jewellery

Today I stumbled upon Miki's Secret ; 
Dark Rose Earrings
Miki is a jewellery and bag designer from Israel who makes THE most beautiful vintage inspired jewellery!
She sells her creations on Etsy and after close examination (you know me)
I frantically clapped my hands whilst yelling "this is so pretty" (resounding echo)...

Here's some eye candy and then I can but suggest you all to go and have a look at the entire collection at  MIKI'S SECRET.

vintage Ivory Rose Bobby
Porcelain Rosebud Cab

Japanese Cookies

My uncle went to Japan on a business trip and brought me a present.
I was hoping for a silk kimono, but instead I got cookies.
You know that weird feeling when you eat something and it tastes NOTHING like you expected?
they certainly LOOK good but somehow taste like fish.

Not so yummie. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dita Von Teese strips for Renault

It's been on the web for a few days now but I think hardly anyone has seen it yet ;

Dita Von Teese is as glamorous as always for the new Renault Clio campaign...

Those naughty French managed to make Dita strip while Rihanna sings

" it's so good being bad"in the background.  

David Bowie and Audrey Hepburne
are making an appearance as well.

Classy - or is it?

Now I've always heard you should avoid buying French cars

-at least that's what daddy dear used to say, "stick with German brands, they're the best!"-

but this advertising campaign is simply great!

Va Va Voom!

Update Music All Day Keeps the Doctar away

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop Ruche

If you're a fan of vintage inspired clothing I guess it's safe to say that Shop Ruche can be your Mecca.
Shop Ruche is an American e-shop created and designed by  Mai and Josh Olivo.
Now I'm not a big fan of blatant floral prints, to put it very mildly, and I must admit there are a few things I would never buy BUT I'm tempted enough because  these garments remind me of summer. You know, picnic in the park, water pistol fights, barbecues, late night walks... (I sound like a sentimental old woman).
floral pocket dress by Ark & Co 

Besides their own designs they offer brands like Motel and Tule.

They ship worldwide as well.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Picnic in the sun pocket dress by Tule

My darling beau striped Chamray Dress
High Waist White Skinny Jeans

Friday, February 18, 2011

Opening Think Twice Brussels Photos

So yesterday I went to the opening night of Think Twice in Brussels
and I must say I wasn't disappointed, on the contrary! The shop is quite spacious
and racks of clothes were eagerly waiting to be explored. Which I did, naturally.
The loot : a vintage grey checked little vest and a black sweater.
The shop offers a great deal of accessories as well ; shoes, belts, silk scarves and purses,
all in great condition. As a bonus, the shopkeepers are very kind! I know this should be a fact in all stores but in Brussels customer friendliness isn't always guaranteed ;).
I'm definitely going back soon!


Live dj set while shopping

Shoes. Lots of shoes.

Bouncer offered me to take a picture, who am I to decline?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Think Twice Vintage in Brussels

Rejoice, Jubilate, Triumph!

Vintage shop Think Twice is opening its first shop in Brussels tomorrow evening,
finally I may add! They already have shops in Antwerp and Gent but now it's finally our turn!

Openings party takes place from 6pm till 10pm
at the Oude Graanmarkt 57.

I'll definitely be there...you should too!

Go to website

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kling Spring Collection

If you would ask me one of of my favourite brands today Kling would definitely be amongst it.
Their Spring 2011 collection " The Unique Collection"  is adorably dreamy!
Big straw hats, pink and creamy colours and above all the cutest dresses you've ever seen.

My personal favourites from the new collection:
Dress Angers (39,90 €)

Dress All Day Long (36,90 €)

Dress Cardigan Flower Skirt (36,90 €)

Shoes Manhattan (44,90 €)

Tell me your favourite items!

This Spanish brand has unfortunately no shops in Belgium BUT they do have an e-shop with free shipments within Europe, click HERE.

Pictures taken from official website. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vandals and the City

Ok so I gave my poor garage keeper the evil eye today.
Some vicious hardly even human beings ( rank 7 on a scale from Mini-me to Hannibal Lector) have vandalised my car a few days ago and it'll "cost you quite a lot of money to fix the damage", Mr. Garage Keeper said.. Hence the evil eye.

I don't get the whole vandalism thing. I mean, how the hell can someone take pleasure in ruining other people's possessions? I guess it's just those kids who jump on the bandwagon because they're bored and/or hideously drunk. But then again, when I'm drunk I don't go wreck cars, I just talk too loud, step on people's toes and occasionally trip over chairs while trying to act normal. It's not cool guys, really, booh to you and your destructive minds and tools.

too much maybe?
Anyway, I was thinking about hiring someone to hide in my car next time and emerge with creepy props like maybe some kind of a scary mask and a matching knife every time someone gets too close.  Just to scare the crap out of them. Volunteers anyone?

Oh well. Risks of parking your car in the city indeed.
So far my Valentines day.
How was yours?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leftorium Party Concept II

Leftorium Party was great ; amazing DJ's really. I was surprised by Tobias Thomas!
Unfortunatly dancing wasn't the only thing to make us transpire,
man was it HOT in that gallery or what?
A little ventilation wouldn't hurt Leftorium People...
But that's really the only negative remark (besides the expensive drinks).
No, wait. I'm lying. There was (or should I say wasn't ?) one more thing; the visuals. Apparently the VJ's equipment
wasn't really taken care off and due to technical problems there were no visuals at all.

Clyde Knowland did a really good job with his artwork, which was basically transforming
"normal" faces into some kind of intergalactic Maori war-faces. I really liked the concept!

It looked exactly how I made it sound like,
photo (by Rosanna) :

In short : friendly bouncers, expensive drinks and a wild crowd....
Good party, but next time hopefully in a more proper venue!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Leftorium Party Concept

The first official launch of a new party concept LEFTORIUM  in Brussels takes place tomorrow at the Withofs Art Gallery (near St-Catherine). I'll be attending this party which is also currently described by the founders as "A new Brussels party concept that will ignore the boundaries of genre classifications within dance music."
Blablabla. It better!

Dj's Tobias Thomas, Geoffrey Mugwump and Prince Off (Kompakt) will make sure our legs have died at the end of the night/beginning of morning.
Visuals by my friend Citizen Clem.
Art performance by Clyde Knowland

Need to know more?

Also : they're expecting a looooot of people so come early.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Jewellery "Opgetut"

It's not always easy to find accessories of your liking,
especially when you're into jewellery with a vintage touch.
Jamina, a friend of mine, decided to create her own collection of vintage inspired accessories and named it "Opgetut" which basically means "dolled up". She started this project last summer during exams because she needed to relax. You know some people find solace in tinkering around when stressed. So did she. But while other people start messing around making paper planes and crap like that she had a more practical and fun idea. Making jewellery! Hoorrah for Jamina!

Prices vary but it's never expensive. She just needs enough profit to buy materials for new jewellery.
From necklaces to hair-clips and earrings, everything is handmade and unique.

Click here for the website.
If you see something that pleases you,
just comment on the picture to reserve or send her an e-mail.

I just ordered myself a necklace with a set of three cute little owls for only 8 euros,
can't wait to get it!