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Monday, February 22, 2010


Heartbeat:Zero is officially back in business.
Their debut album Not My Fault was succesfully released last saturday and it's an understatement to say they kicked our asses but hey, they did so we might as well come clean right.
If you visit them at http://www.myspace.com/heartbeatzero  you'll be able to download the full album for free, ain't they generous!

 Bandmemebers : Tiny Tim (vocals, screams, guitar) & Willy Wonka (Accoustic Drum)

" Broken wood, bleeding limbs, blisters on every finger, gallons of sweat and a room filled with people who are trying to comprehend what just happened during the past 45 minutes.
This ain't no show. This ain't no scene. This is Retribution.

Heartbeat:Zero is a two piece formed in Brussels which could be considered as the response to the image pop culture is trying to promote. Sure, love is a beautiful thing, people shouldn't buy guns and 99% of all violence is unnecessary. But this is real life. These are mean streets and about 80% of your life you won't be living the hippie dream of "peace and love" and people shitting flowers all over the place. We don't promote anger or violence, but are desperately in need of a way out of this series of disappointments everyone just seems to accept with a smile just because Bono says everything's going to be fine. Every day new bands tend to start a "career", a 5 minute farce based on popularity obtained by sluts writing their bandname on their tits. This ain't us. We have no genre, don't belong to any scene, don't wear matching clothes and don't have fancy haircuts. We just want to play live and show people how heavy a two piece can get.
You either love it or hate it, but we live it