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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Statues in bars

We all know them ; 
people who go to the same bar, every single night.
They sit on their bar stools, looking either utterly bored or drunk and not even slightly amused by
the dragging conversation they've been having for the past hours.

What's driving them there? Is it so exciting to see the same people over and over again in the same place?
What happened to the whole "meeting new people"-concept?  Is it such a big risk to take the plunge to go to a place where you've never ever been before? No wonder people have become so dull, they hold on to routines as if they were social zombies. You can recognize them you know, the social zombies ; they have this blank expression while sipping their usual drinks, they practically don't move from where they sit expect for mother nature's call and they desperately try to get the bartender's attention when glasses are empty like their heads. Motionless figures as it were.  So if you go into a bar, and you spot them try to act naturally and avoid any eye-contact.