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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Antwerpian Hours

If I'd compare Brussels to Beauty and the Beast   --my favourite Disney-movie--
then Antwerp would be my Cinderella -- my beloved number two--
Going shopping in Antwerp , that is when you have money to spend, is a rather divine activity. I must say Cinderella beats the shit out of Belle when it comes to shopping -not only because of its great vintage shops and thrift stores but also because Antwerp is soooo freakin' clean compared to Brussels haha ^^
Starting the day at Urban Outfitters where I didn't buy clothes but a flask with a pink floral print and ending the same day in MacDonalds laughing our asses off because of something that I can't remember -but it must have been undoubtedly incredibly witty- I can say we had fun.

Aaah public transport. How I love you.

 My American monkey has a weird Greyhound obsession,
which was  taken to an exctatic state of mind when she saw this
weird pink one in front of a lingerie shop. We suspect it was a rather dodgy shop, but we didn't dare to go in ; so innocent until proven guilty.

                                   Hmm. This actually looked  wearable until the monkey tried it on. Bad idea.

                                                                        I like cheese.

                                                                        City of diamonds.