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Thursday, January 6, 2011


There I was, in what Colin Farrell so politely referred to as "fucking Bruges (you know, that movie every Belgian was suppose to be proud of when the word spread ; In Bruges)

The annual ice sculptures festival which has been organised in Bruges since 2005, nearby the station.

This year's theme is "Around the World", which basically means they try to take the visitors up on an icy trip through history. The organizers were so kind to warn people to dress up warmly, because oh dear, the first
thought to cross your mind when visiting an ice sculptures festival might be "I wonder if I could show off that new tank top and Hawaiian shorts I bought" -_-.
Hmm. Not. Minus 6 degrees it was. Peanuts for Scandinavians or Lapps, but a true torment for me. I actually like the sun you see.  Luckily for some (including me I may add)  there was an ice-bar where brandy and gin attracted attention, perhaps even more than the sculptures. However, muffled (thank you dead sheep for serving as my coat, I shall be forever in your debt) and fierce I began the tour. I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed. Those ice sculptures were humongous! The artists made beautiful sculptures with an eye for details. We passed a giant clog, ancient Greek gods and goddesses, the tower of Pisa, the Wall of Berlin, Elvis, Madonna, Egyptian gods, the Wailing Wall, etcetera etcetera...
Very impressive even though the feeling my nose would fall off if I'd gaze upon those amazing statues for longer than three minutes stopped me from admiring them for too long.
All in all, a wonderful festival.


Giant Clog
Icy Throne
Tower of Pisa
Marilyn Monroe without panties
Very ugly impression of Madonna (look at the size of those thighs!)
Wailing at the Wailing Wall, what else?
Egyptian Sfinx
Indian in Canada (no joke)