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Monday, January 31, 2011

Not so-boring weekends

Okay, it's Monday again. HORROR.
Everyone can start their boring routines again;
get up in the morning - booze down the coffee - shower & brush teeth- go to whatever crappy job you have and face hours and hours of traffic jams -
yawn every half hour - go home- face hours and hours of traffic jams - do whatever boring after-work activities you have - sleep.

Oh wow, I got depressed just by typing this.

But let's not focus on words,  let's say - hypothetically- it's Friday, hoorraay!

( I hate the concept of going out in the weekend by the way, I mean, why is it you have to go out in the weekends huh? Why not do something crazy and spontaneous, and go out on Tuesday once in a while.

Thing about Fridays or Saturdays (or Sundays for hardcore party people who will die at the age of  35)
is you always have to decide where to go to to celebrate the end of the week. Living in Brussels has several advantages ; there's always a million things to do in the weekends....

Matias Aguayo  at K-NAL
Last week I went to the K-NAL to see a live set by Matias Aguayo (who was pretty fantastic to watch) ,
it's pretty hard to describe what he brings (tribalish dj set soaked in Latin grooves and spiced with some German techno. ) Entertaining?  YES.



This weekend I went to the Super Acid Release party by BOYS NOIZE RECORDS with Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve and Jan Driver (also at the K-NAL) . It was amazing. My ears still hurt. We were also right in front of the stage during the live set by Ali Love  that same night. Boy were they good. I even got hugged by mr. Ali Himself when he all of the sudden jumped into the crowd.

My friend Rosanna and I were also offered to play a tiny part in a short movie by a French girl that night.
Exciting shizzle! As soon as I get the results I'll put it                                                                                      online, but it might take a while since it's a long term project.                                                         
(I somehow fucked up the layout and apparently there's no way back so you'll have to excuse me and move on with your life)