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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coffee and Curiosa

Vintage baking set
€ 15.95
This will probably be my last post before I go on my well-earned holiday to Fuertaventura  
everytime I say Fuertaventura I have to do it slowly and very pronounced as if I'm tasting the cocktails already hah!

,so I decided to leave you guys with a glimpse of Coffee and Curiosa.

The name alone caught my attention  -I admit, I am a coffee addict, and proud- and I wasn't dissapointed!

Coffee and Curiosa is actually a coffee-house slash little shop, not so far from Gent (in Zaffelare) but with a really cool concept. From time to time they organise workshops cake/cupcake/ pie -making, but apart from that they sell really cute vintage aprons, bags, baking sets online! For example they sell the retro collection by Caroline's Kitchen!
Cream and Coral polka dot apron
€ 29.00

 Now I must say, I'm not much of a cook but with these items I would    definitely lock myself up in the kitchen.
 Yes men, you may insert "go make me a sandwich" joke here. See if
 I care!

 But seriously! These are way too cute!

 You can also buy any ingredient imaginable for your baking in their shop.
 Sprinkles, icing sets, you name it!

  Go have a look and let me know what you think!

Wilton Tool Icing Set
€ 69,95

Coffee and Curiosa
Zaffelare-Dorp 41

9080 Zaffelare
Bag, Parisian Toile
€ 20

Pearlescent Turquoise Sprinkles
€ 2.95