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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ullie's Chocolate Chipmunk Cupcake Factory

Ullie's Chocolate Chipmunk Cupcake Factory.

Try saying that a few times without stuttering. Im-possible.
What the hell is UCCCF  - yes, I'm lazy and I'll be using this abbreviation even if it sounds less delicious-
Some creepy German factory that captures chipmunks to process them in exquisite looking cupcakes with chocolate coating? Ofcourse not. (This was absolutely NOT one of my first educated guesses.)

Ullie is actually Ulrike
(shit, that really does sound German!). Why would you care about Ulrike you ask?

Because she is the brain behind this amazing jewellery, yes yes. She's been into fantasy, anime, comics for quite a long time and has studied among others at St-Lucas in Brussels.  She told me she liked cookies. I could totally relate to that!

So if you connect the dots you'll understand where her inspiration came from to create these cuties.

From the moment I saw the collection I thought to myself ;
"I'm hungry."
 Take a look at the pictures and you'll see right away what I mean.


Cutest hairclip!
Want to see more? Click here to go the her facebook-page.
Become a fan, and if you see anything you like PM her or leave a wall-post and she'll get right back at ya.

Until the next post!