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Monday, June 13, 2011

Will be receiving hate mail after this.

"Touch my cheese and I'll KILL you!"
Aaah. June. That means exams, right?

And exams?

That means grumpy faces, crowded libraries,coffee, sweatpants and pizza. And energy drinks. LOADS of energy drinks (doesn't matter if you had your four cups of coffee, you still need the freakin' Redbull).

At least that's what I recall from when I still had several exams. Yes, that's right. I only have one this trimester. But don't get mad or frustrated, I know what you're all going through. I'll be silently suffering with you all.
No I'm lying.

Time for a blog post, I figured, since I have nothing better to do.

Yesterday I went to the Medieval Market in Etterbeek.
I've been living in these quarters for like ages and have never even been to this annual event.
Time to rectify and mingle with my dressed up fellow people !

I can be quite terse:

This was actually pretty cool.
1) It wasn't that big.
2)There were unhappy looking ponies with fat kids on their backs.
3) As well as drunk merchants who made the most delicious caipirinhias.
4) With loads of alcohol in it.
5) Which resulted in me being quite drunk during the tour around the (thank god) small market.
6) Making me realise that grown up people dressed in medieval clothes are hilarious.


Children's toys!

Somewhat weird for Medieval Market, but I didn't complain.