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Friday, March 19, 2010

Worst Jobs

Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”     -Drew Carey-

Jobs not to do when you're perfectly capable of doing something else :
  • Eunuch / monks / nuns ( no more words needed in these particular cases)
  • Circus freaks  ( although hesitating to list this, because you get paid for being, you know, a freak)
  • Gravediggers & mortician  (unless you're into necrophilia, in case you are : close this page please)
  • Bikini waxers (unless... no, no unless, this is just plain sad)
  • Playboy mansion inhabitants ( Hugh, you're too old, give up)
  • Phone sex line worker ( saw a documentary once in which was said lot's of old women are behind the sexy Kelly's, Lindsay's and Laura's these days... so don't know whether to pity those who call those lines or those who are behind them)