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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Compulsion that requires periodic or continuous administration of a drug to produce pleasure or avoid discomfort.

Lately I've been thinking about so-called addictions.
You know, like, when are you an actual addict ? Is it like an epiphany you suddenly get one day thinking
"Fuck, I'm a total addict" ? Or is it more like a graduate feeling that slowly creeps into your head (which basically means you end up thinking the same "Fuck , I'm a total addict"...

I decided to ask a friend of mine his thoughts on the subject,  since he's addicted to more types of drugs than Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss and Robert Downey Jr. altogether. He came up with this brilliant answer which I will cherish forever and tell to my children and grandchildren. Maybe. I don't like kids, probably will never have 'em. And if I have 'em it'll probably be wise not to mention drug quotes.
Anyway, irrelevant.

In short, he said the following :
" Addictions huh, well, I once ran naked out of my house because I thought there was a giant bear in my bedroom. It turned out to be a rocking chair with a bedspread over it. I should quit doing LSD, but you'll never get much more of a 3D experience than from LSD. Fuck."

Thus an addict.
Never asked why he was naked at the time he ran out of the house though, you should always respect a man's privacy.