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Monday, March 15, 2010

Old people.

I never really had the urge to kill people, but today I had to restrain myself.
What's wrong with being genuinely nice?
What happened :

an old lady passed by on the streets and dropped her old-lady-bag (you know, some Louis Vuitton patterned hairy bag) and I, being my polite self, reached for it to give it back.
Because that's what nice people do, right.

Not according to that lady, oh no, she was furious (she actually scared me which is pretty awkward since she was like 70 years old or something). 
"Don't touch my bag , I'm perfectly able to pick it up myself!
I just replied I had always learned to help older people, and was about to start a monologue of excuses although I had done nothing to piss her off  when she hit (!) me, picked up her bag , and waggled on to wherever she was going ( maybe a bingo event who knows).


Do I look like a criminal? Did she think I was gonna steal her bag or something?
Or was she just a cranky old woman.
Anyway, there will be no chance I'll be picking up older people's bags any more.