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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Midnight Beast

I came across The Midnight Beast about a year ago,
from the minute I saw their first video - a parody on Kesha's music video "Tik Tok" - I was completely sold.
Band members Dru, Ash & Stefan live in London and seem to be guys you would want to go out and get totally wasted with. Their version of the song is much, MUCH better than the original one I'd say, sorry Kesha.

Then they came up with a kick ass version of "All I want for Christmas is you" on Youtube, which made me think about my own Christmas wishes 
( although I didn't really need anybody to "pull my Christmas cracker"
or a milf at that time thank you very much).
Anyway, Youtube threads were flooded with girls who were dying to be one of the guy's 
Christmas fuck buddies... good job!

Imagine the joy I felt when they put up a parody of a song called " Down " (originally performed by Jay Sean), which was absolutely fucking brilliant. It got stuck in my head for weeks -_-   :
nice in the beginning but really annoying when people start punching you in the face yelling shut the fuck up!
  So what if I like to sing "There's no need to mention your trousers just fell down" ? Huh!?! Don't judge me!

Last song they've recently put up is called "Ninja" and is possibly my favourite because it's completely produced by them.
Lyrics are witty and ludicrous, the video is entertaining and a little unorthodox but that's what we like.
Well, at least I do.
So I'd say take a look at their Youtube channel, I promise they'll ravish you!

p.s. Make also sure you check their "Fashion Innit" & "Walk with us Skit",
there's no stopping The Midnight Beast