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Sunday, March 28, 2010

An icon : Lillian Bassman

Fashion has always been captured by photographers since the era of couture,
yet few are remembered as to be truly remarkable.

I think Lillian Bassman (born 1917) was one of the most talented fashion-photographers in her time. In the late '40s she worked for Junior Bazaar and a few years later at Harper's Bazaar (one of the most well-known fashion magazines).

What I love most about her pictures is the contrast between light and darker shades... It makes her photos kinda gloomy and mysterious.
You want to know what the story behind the picture actually is.
Her camera angles were unique and she developed her
own style which can never be surpassed. There's this certain strength that goes out from these women in the pictures.
They all seem to be strong and independent women, not to be messed with. Looking at them is simply mesmerizing...