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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rock Race @ Rits Café (winners announced!)

Here are some pictures of the Rock Race @ the Rits Café on the 8th of march ^^

Glad to inform you that the finalists of the rock race are The Well-bred Hippoes, The Herfsts, Tannhouser, Morphophones and Let Lewis Live ; they will be playing in the AB on May 4th!  If I would have to choose I'd go for the Morphophones. They played an amazing set last Tuesday!

The results for the DJ contest were announced as well; Midnight Noodles, The Principles, Gadeyne, Bunkerfunk and Hoax & Lechah. They'll turn the tables on the 4th of May as well, but in the FUSE.
I wish them all good luck!

First band, even forgot their name. Was pretty lame.

Bamboo Avenue, maybe next year at Couleur Café!
They're really good!

Tannhouser (winner of this round)

Fanclub Fé (singer Tannhouser) ^^