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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rockrace & DJ-contest

Tuesday I went to check out the bands and DJ's competing each other in the annual Rock Race & DJ Contest in Brussels.  Three bands ; The Herfsts, The Black Su Love and Midnight Directives
and three DJ's :  Dare 2 Rave, Midnight Noodles, Exalt.
Each one with their own sound (duh) made it pretty hard to vote.
Winners are still to be announced, as soon as I hear the results I'll update this post.

Rits Café will be hosting the next round on the 8th of March, entrance is once again free, so come numerously to vote for your favourite band and DJ. After that there's one more qualifying round in Kultuur Kaffee on the VUB campus before the finale.
The finale for the DJ-contest will be on the 4th of May in the Fuse (or Blaes208 whatever) and for the Rock Race in the AB so there's a lot at stake!

The Herfsts

The Black Su Love

Midnight Directives

Midnight Noodles