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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gabriele Vintage

love the mustard- colored coat
I went to Gabriele Vintage downtown Brussels today with a mission ; to marvel at all those beautiful vintage treasures. I'm serious people, it's like Aladinn's Cave!

She has everything; from beautiful jackets, coats and hats to gowns and even vintage corsets
-bring on the lace-       And then I didn't even mention the shoes, oh the shoes!

Gabriele has also an extraordinary collection of accessories with sunglasses, gloves, belts to accompany the clothes.
The shop itself is really big with a great deal of clothes  for both men and women.
Furthermore you can slide through the backdoor and find yourself in some kind of boudoir-ish room with evening dresses.

This totally made my day (that and the mango iced tea I had after in the Zebra, shopping is so exhausting isn't it haha!)

Kartuizerstraat/Rue des Chartreux no 27,
1000 Brussels


Accessories someone?

Men's ties and hats

Adorable dresses

Shoes for all sizes

Men's shoes


More shoes, oh dear lord.