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Monday, March 7, 2011

Harvey Quinnt Gig

I'm a little behind on my posting since everything is happening at the same time BUT here are the pictures of Harvey Quinnt's gig at Kultuur Kaffee in Brussels last Thursday!

Harvey Quinnt ,aka former frontman of Savana Station Phillippe Fierens, is an alternative Belgian band that already rocked stages at the Ancienne Belgique (they kicked off for Hurts) and Pukkelpop.
So not going to this free (!) gig at Kultuur Kaffee would've been unforgivable. (yes I'm talking to you, lame people)

I told Philippe ( a genuine nice guy by the way)  after the concert that it was so much fun watching the guys on stage! You know those bands who stand kinda motionless on stage as if they were doing assembly line work or something... It was nothing like that! They have this positive energy going on which makes it so enjoyable to watch! You might know the other bandmembers as well ; Wim Janssen on guitar and keyboards (Ellroy) , Amel Serra on percussions (Zita Swoon), Tomas De Smet on the bass (Think of One, ex Zita Swoon) &  Roel Poriau on the drums (Think of One).

All in all a great collaboration!

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