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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Jewellery "Opgetut"

It's not always easy to find accessories of your liking,
especially when you're into jewellery with a vintage touch.
Jamina, a friend of mine, decided to create her own collection of vintage inspired accessories and named it "Opgetut" which basically means "dolled up". She started this project last summer during exams because she needed to relax. You know some people find solace in tinkering around when stressed. So did she. But while other people start messing around making paper planes and crap like that she had a more practical and fun idea. Making jewellery! Hoorrah for Jamina!

Prices vary but it's never expensive. She just needs enough profit to buy materials for new jewellery.
From necklaces to hair-clips and earrings, everything is handmade and unique.

Click here for the website.
If you see something that pleases you,
just comment on the picture to reserve or send her an e-mail.

I just ordered myself a necklace with a set of three cute little owls for only 8 euros,
can't wait to get it!