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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leftorium Party Concept II

Leftorium Party was great ; amazing DJ's really. I was surprised by Tobias Thomas!
Unfortunatly dancing wasn't the only thing to make us transpire,
man was it HOT in that gallery or what?
A little ventilation wouldn't hurt Leftorium People...
But that's really the only negative remark (besides the expensive drinks).
No, wait. I'm lying. There was (or should I say wasn't ?) one more thing; the visuals. Apparently the VJ's equipment
wasn't really taken care off and due to technical problems there were no visuals at all.

Clyde Knowland did a really good job with his artwork, which was basically transforming
"normal" faces into some kind of intergalactic Maori war-faces. I really liked the concept!

It looked exactly how I made it sound like,
photo (by Rosanna) :

In short : friendly bouncers, expensive drinks and a wild crowd....
Good party, but next time hopefully in a more proper venue!