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Monday, February 14, 2011

Vandals and the City

Ok so I gave my poor garage keeper the evil eye today.
Some vicious hardly even human beings ( rank 7 on a scale from Mini-me to Hannibal Lector) have vandalised my car a few days ago and it'll "cost you quite a lot of money to fix the damage", Mr. Garage Keeper said.. Hence the evil eye.

I don't get the whole vandalism thing. I mean, how the hell can someone take pleasure in ruining other people's possessions? I guess it's just those kids who jump on the bandwagon because they're bored and/or hideously drunk. But then again, when I'm drunk I don't go wreck cars, I just talk too loud, step on people's toes and occasionally trip over chairs while trying to act normal. It's not cool guys, really, booh to you and your destructive minds and tools.

too much maybe?
Anyway, I was thinking about hiring someone to hide in my car next time and emerge with creepy props like maybe some kind of a scary mask and a matching knife every time someone gets too close.  Just to scare the crap out of them. Volunteers anyone?

Oh well. Risks of parking your car in the city indeed.
So far my Valentines day.
How was yours?