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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fashion Icon Hélène Rochas

The day that Hélène Rochas passed away, the 6th of August this year to be precise, was quite a sad day.
"Women, should have a fragile air, even if they're not"
-Hélène Rochas, 1984-

Her passing away after reaching the age of 84 (not bad I say) means the world has lost yet another great fashion icon who inspired the world of couture.

Hélène Rochas was only eighteen years old when she married the promising couturier Marcel Rochas and became the face and muse of his fashion house which was founded in 1925. He died when she was 30 so she took over his company as CEO. She increased Rochas's business tenfold, turning it into one of the six largest perfume makers in France in the '60s before she sold the company in 1971. I'm sure "Madame Rochas" and "Eau de Rochas" must ring a bell...  In the eighties, however, she returned to consult at maison Rochas. Later on,
when Olivier Theyskens became creative director, he drew upon her as an inspiration
for his collections.

As to give you an idea of what maison Rochas is all about ,
I'll show you some of my favourite pieces of Rocha's Fall/Winter collection 2011.
You can have a look at the entire collection here.
Now, tell me, is it too early for Christmas wish lists yet?