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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rodarte Fall 2011 (sneak peak)

I've always been a big, big fan of Rodarte, a brand of clothing and accessories founded by the Californian Mulleavy sisters, because they make the most gorgeous feminine dresses in history of...well yes, dresses!

Gorgeous dresses do tend to go well on gorgeous women, maybe that's why Rodarte can count Dita Von Teese, Chloé Sevigny and Keira Knightley amongst others to their personal fanbase!

Here are some pictures of their collection for Opening Ceremony for Fall 2011.You will love it, promis. It's full of silk prints, cable-knit sweaters, and pinafore-inspired dresses!
Here's a quick preview , just know the collection is hitting stores and online in early October. Hurray!
better start saving money- hmm. not so hurray.