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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zawann Vintage "The Time Traveler"

oversized steampunk hoodie €129
Hey guys.

Today I'd really want you all to take a look at this French vintage label, Zawann.
They take the most agreeable recycled or vintage fabrics and turn them into beautiful pieces!
Everything is handmade in their atelier in Lille (France) and you can order from their catalogue as well as let them make something according to your personal wishes!

Their fall-winter collection 2011-2012 is suitably called "The Time Traveller", if you take a look at the pictures you'll see what I mean.

You'll notice they mention "steampunk" a lot and you might not know what steampunk is. I'll be happy to enlighten you a bit   -with the help of my good friend wikipedia-  ;

Combishort Salopette €79
Steampunk is actually a sub-genre of science-fiction, alternate history, speculative fiction and fantasy but very much influenced by the Victorian Era.
It goes back in time where steam power is still widely used therefore the name, yes aren't we clever today-
but mixes and matches it with fantasy elements. Just think of the 19th century scientific romances such as of Jules Verne (20 000 Leagues under the Sea), Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) and Mark Twain.
Or maybe you've seen that movie 'Wild Wild West" staring Will Smith, that could count as an example as well.

Anyway, enough nagging, I just have to say I'm particularly fond of the Sherlock coat, it's brilliant especially with those cute chaps.

Sherlock Coat €349

Steampunk Chaps €45
Cashmere ribboned chaps €69