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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spanish Moss Clothing

Hey guys!
I really must share this with you today , Spanish Moss , to me an official portal to heaven!
Apart from American Gold you can find For Love or Lemons  -
an up and coming clothing line which is positively brilliant!- leggings and tights.
There's a vintage shop and a shop with new clothes.
Both of them have shoe-accessory-bags-eyewear and sales-sections. That makes you smile, doesn't it ;)

I'll show you some of my personal favourite pieces both from their vintage and new collections:

Frances Faux Suspender dress

Raw Crystal beaded shirt dress
$ 128
Aquamarine Leather Art dress

Bermuda Woven Romper ('60s)
$ 62


For love and lemons thigh high leggings

American Gold San Cristobal Caftan
$ 159

American Gold A Semester at Oxford cape coat