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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fashion Time Travel Series : Roaring Twenties

Hey guys!
Today I was looking at one of my favourite blogs, Vixen Vintage, and I suddenly realised I really wanted to do a fun fashion time travel blogpost. That's a mouthful there haha. It probably sounds more complicated than it is, really. I just really want to do several posts about early fashion beginning from the roaring twenties to the golden sixties. What do you think? Thought so. Let's start with some 20s vintage fashion!

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1920s fashion

1920s French Postcard

Shoes 1920s, buckle up!

Ziegfeld Girl
(what is a Ziegfeld Girl?)

Amazing hats in the 1920s
(see also my post about flapper hats)


Model Julie André 1927

1920s French Postcard

Lillian Roth 1920s

Lois Wilson 1920s

Dora Ford 1920s

Corinne Griffith 1920s

Bebe Daniels 1920s

Legwear 1920s

Look at the dress! Love it!

Madge Bellamy 1920s

Vanity Fair (october 1920)

Dorothy Flood
(looks a bit like gothic 20s fashion doesn't it haha)

pearls pearls pearls were a girls best friend

Olive Borden 1926