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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fashion Time Travel Series : Nifty Fifties

The fifties era, maybe the most fashionable era of all!
If you read the post about fashion in the fabulous forties you'll remember Dior's New Look with long length skirts, wasp waists and an overall very feminine and opulent look. In the fifties women all around the globe started adapting his look, so the term "nifty fifties" is quite appropriate I think.

Though in the mid fifties , Coco Chanel's simple suit provided an alternative and created a much copied fashion that lasted well into the sixties. It was a more simple design, featuring a just below the knee skirt -Chanel considered the knee as the most ugly part of a woman's body, oh well-  and a collarless jacket finished with gold braid.

And then, last but not least, the birth of ROCK & ROLL shook things up a little bit in the fashion industry, girls stopped dressing like their mothers and went for a more youthful look again! This means colourful patterns and circle skirts, suited to rock and roll dancing. Oh and let's not forget about the trousers and jeans, they were becoming very popular in the fifties!

Harper's Bazaar 1950

Harper's Bazaar

Peggy O'Connor 1950



1950 Suzy Parker

1950 LIFE magazine (Tony Owens)
1951 Mike Schulman Coats (aren't they just lovely?)

1951 Suit by Irene's

1951 Balmain (blue suit) & Robert Pigue (pink dress)

1952 VOGUE (March)

1952 Tip Hedren

1953 VOGUE (August)



Levi's 1954

Nancy Berg 1955

Catalina 1955


1956 VOGUE

Ladies Home Journal 1956
1956 VOGUE (October)
1956 Bruno Beninni

1957 Simplicity Pattern's book (Fall/Winter)

1957 Simplicity Pattern Book (Fall/Winter)

Dupont 1957

1957 MADEMOISELLE (September)
Cerulean Mink 1957 (a mink coat was supposed to be
every girl's dream in the fifties :)
Race Track Fashion 1958


1958 VOGUE

Butterick Spring 1958

Evan Picone 1959
Norman Hartnell Fashion 1959

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